Social distance

I don’t like the words ‘social distance’ . To be exact covid-19 has caused us to physically distance ourselves from one another, in turn causing us to cease social functions. Due to physical distancing, my 2 major social outlets (church, library, and their related activities) have stopped until further notice. Because of the cessation of these activities due to physical distancing, my social activities are distant. Despite this, I can still be social with others at a distance. I can chat with neighbors at six feet apart, small talk with my pharmacist while waiting on my meds, smile at the cashier who takes my order in the drive-thru or who rings me out when I pay for my groceries. The postman acknowledges me from a distance to let me know my package is by the mailbox while I’m out front dealing my car.

I still need to check on my grandma. My nieces and my nephew come over to help my father with yard work. I still was able to visit Daffodil Hill at Lake View Cemetery to take pictures, maintaining my physical distance from other people.