Shapes Likes Stars

One of my favorite lines is from a movie called “The Evening Star” starring Shirley Maclaine and Jack Nicholson:

“The evening star.  There she is!  She shines first, she shines brightest, she shines longest.”

They’re sitting on a beach getting ready to scatter the ashes of Aurora’s maid and longtime friend when Jack Nicholson’s character, Garrett,  belts out that beautiful line. Perhaps the reference is to Maclaine’s character, Aurora, or even her friend in the urn whom they are about to scatter.

Sometimes stars who show up first are the people who we least expect. Nicholson’s character made quite a lasting impression even when, despite, in the first movie he was an oversexed astronaut. Even in the urn, Aurora’s other ‘star’ was the brightest in the sky and will always shine the longest for Aurora.

Who is your evening star? It took Aurora scattering her evening star along the beach to realize hers.

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